Do you provide bespoke pieces ?
Yes, we are available to work on custom designs if they are in align with our design language + values. Please note our bespoke service is priced according to the specific needs, preferences and expectations of the client.

Are the reconstructed pieces one-of-a-kind ?
Yes, each piece is unique and will have been hand treated to create designs with character + craftsmanship.

Can I provide my own garment to become a reconstructed garment ?
We may be open to working with an existing piece from the clients wardrobe if the design and fabrication aligns with our requirements. Please email our team to provide more details.

How long do bespoke orders take ?
Depending on the complexity of the request, orders can take 2 - 7 weeks. Please note embellished and hand embroidered orders are closer to the 4-7 week mark.